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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Last time I mentioned the theft of the Tanais Apparatus.

According to Dr. Ragnarsson's notes, his relationship with my father was strained for a while. Before they started working together, Ragnarsson asked my father to swear that he would never tell anyone about the work he was doing. My father did so, and they informally became teacher and student. However, this changed when Ragnarsson was visited by two strange men.

He describes them as your typical Men in Black; black suits, white collared shirts and black ties. They asked if they could inspect his office, with no reason given other than that they were ordered to. When he asked which agency they belonged to, they simply smiled and changed the subject. They casually shoved him aside and proceeded to tear everything apart, despite his objections. When they found the locker in which he kept the Tanais Apparatus and the notes relating to it, he tried to force them away, but he was knocked out. When he came to, the Appartus was gone and so were the two men.

At first he thought my father had something to do with it. Father tried to convince him that he didn't, but Ragnarsson refused to speak with him. This went on for several months, but ended when Ragnarsson found a lead. Unfortunately, the entire section on this lead is missing from his notes, which is a shame because it is what I'm most interested in finding out. The following is the only information relating to it that I have to go on:

"In light, Truth.
In death, Life.
The Balance will be shifted."

This is where I need your help. Can anyone tell me what this means? I've done my best to figure it out, but my efforts have been fruitless. If you have any information, please comment here or feel free to chat with me on AIM sometime. My screenname is hermodtimeless.

Thank you.


Blogger Esteed said...

I know we talked briefly about whether Woden's arm stretches into our world, but I had another thought when rereading this entry.

Men in Black are typically associated with alien abductions and high profile UFO sightings. They usually operate by showing up at a person's house and telling them that they should shut up about what happened. The most popular theory about this currently is that the Men in Black keep the existence of extraterrestrials quiet as part of an agreement made with the aliens. The government lets them abduct people and keeps their existence a secret, and in return, the aliens give the government bits of advanced technology.

Perhaps Woden's arm itself doesn't stretch this far, but if anyone from the government has been to the other worlds and met with Woden, it's entirely possible that a similar sort of deal could have been worked out.

3:52 AM  
Blogger kitrona said...

Hello, Hermod. I'm coming late to the party, as it were, but I'm very interested in what you found. It sounds mysterious, and mysteries are interesting.

The thing that struck me when reading this entry was the line "The Balance will be shifted." The most relevant of my thoughts is wondering which balance, in this world or in the other? (I do apologize for not recalling the name of the other world; I should have gone to bed long ago, but your tale intrigued me so!) Indeed, the tone sounds quite ominous to me. I will be awaiting your next update.

P.S. Do you think the section of notes with the leads still exist, or do you believe they were destroyed? Admittedly, without more information to go on as to their whereabouts, it is kind of a moot point, but the thought of you getting your hands on the pages is a good one. :) Better than the alternative, anyway.

2:31 AM  

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